Where To Shop Online Dresses in the Philippines

Where To Shop Online Dresses in the Philippines


We have started the Ber months already and this only means one thing: it is the beginning of Christmas shopping season! We know that aside from giving gifts and exchanging cards, women are now starting to browse online dresses that they can wear for the coming holidays.

Experience the perks of shopping fashion staples online on these online shops that are trusted by women!


Goods.PHGoods PH

Known for its affordable prices and fashion-forward goodies, Goods.PH is immensely living to its name. As one of the top online shopping Philippines website, the company is committed in providing exemplary service to each of its customers. In fact, they also have some fabulous fashion dresses for curvy women!



Primarily known as an online marketplace, Takatack offers both small and medium enterprises to be available over the Internet. This also includes other popular local fashion brands that appeals to both men and women.  You can find casual to formal dresses here that are perfect for various occasions!



As an international fashion brand, this Spanish franchise has taken another course with its online store introduction 6 years ago. Its youthful yet classy dresses appeals to the young, urban and professional women as well to youth. With only 4 Bershka stores in the country, fashionistas often choose to go on its online platform due to its convenience.


There you have it, ladies! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and shop online dresses as early as now to score good deals and discount on this much-awaited season!

Find the Best Sports Watches for Women in Philippines

Find the Best Sports Watches for Women in Philippines

Accessories, What's Hot

Women’s watches Philippines consists of various categories – Fashion, Business, Casual and Sports watches. All these watch categories are useful when it comes to time tracking but today, we will be focusing on sports watches for women and where to find them.

Sports Watches for Women in Philippines

Sports watches for women are designed for ladies who are physically active and they become very handy when used in sports and training. Most sports watches are not only useful but also fashionable and classy. Sport watches for women have many purposes and functions; they accurately record the training time, they can pinpoint skills and they can improve abilities towards the chosen activity.

The best sports watches for women in Philippines are available at the most affordable online shop in the country.

Women’s watches Philippines are also purchasable at low prices HERE.

Floral Power: Must-Have Cheap Dresses in the Philippines Under 500

Floral Power: Must-Have Cheap Dresses in the Philippines Under 500

Fashion Trends

Got no idea on what to wear this dress-up Friday? We think that you have to start finding cheap dresses in the Philippines as an alternative go-to outfit for lazy days. Aside from being a flexible fashion staple, dresses are more comfortable to wear and easier to accessorize compared to other women’s apparel. Besides, it gives every girl a sense of femininity most especially if it has floral designs.

Whether you’re going to class or work, these floral dresses for women will truly unleash the famous 70’s floral trend in the most affordable price!


See the fusion of floral power and color blocking in this classic 2 in 1 Printed Off-Shoulder Dress! This wardrobe essential can be paired together or used separately since it is detachable. Flaunt your curves with its floral skater skirt while looking sophisticated yet modest with its trendy off-shoulder top.2 in 1 Printed Off-Shoulder Dress


Strut your way down to your breakfast business meetings elegantly with this Sleeveless Floral Shift Dress that is made of soft silk fabric! Its pencil-cut highlights your sexy curves while being consistently conservative. You can even remove your blazer and turn it into a perfect dinner date outfit after your shift!Sleeveless Floral Shift Dress


Be the ultimate darling of the crown anywhere you go with this sleeveless Jacquard Printed Dress! You’ll never have to bring out your portable fan anymore while commuting since this dress is made from comfortable polyester material and chiffon fabric.Jacquard Printed Dress


Now that we have given you the options, it is your turn to choose and shop among these chic and fabulous dresses that you can slay through various occasions!

Get the latest cheap dresses in the Philippines that can upgrade your wardrobe from “zero” to “hero” through this online store ph!

Find the best watches for men online on this shopping store!

Find the best watches for men online on this shopping store!


If you are a guy who wants to spoil himself then you know that finding the best watches for men online is just one of the things in your wish list. It is a fact that aside from gadgets and gizmos, wrist watches are one of the obsessions of men. Who doesn’t want to own a timeless piece that will make them look more dapper, right?

Whether you’re looking for a sports, analog, or digital; these awesome watches will always keep you punctual while upgrading your look into a real gentleman!


Be a man of steel in the outside world anytime of the day with this Original Casio Vintage Watch! With its analog and digital display combined in a stainless steel material, you can never be late again on your school or work.Original Casio Vintage Watch


Are you running an errand or just out for your weekly casual hangout? This Original Casio Unisex Resin Wrist Watch truly matches your needs!  Its lightweight and stylish design matches your fashion statement while providing accurate time for daily use.Original Casio Unisex Resin Wrist Watch


If you are a fitness buff then this colorful arm candy should be your ultimate choice! This Blue and Red Casio G-Shock Watch can be an all-in-one watch that also functions as an alarm and a stop watch. Since it is shock-proof, this men’s sports watch can also be your official adventure buddy.Blue and Red Casio G-Shock


There you have it, gents of the metro! Don’t forget to check out this one of the top online shops in the country to see the latest and the best watches for men online! 

Get the latest in women’s fashion trends with this look!

Get the latest in women’s fashion trends with this look!

Fashion Trends, What's Hot

Keeping up with women’s fashion trends can be tricky for working millennials. Every company has its own respective dress code that’s why young adults who are starting their career should be sensitive on what they wear on their workplace. Aside from being chic, girls should maintain their sophistication in the corporate world because this is the perfect time to establish your own image.

Check out this elegant look that you can slay to your daily grind at work and even after your duty!


Who says you can’t be sexy while still being classy? This Cotton Spaghetti Inner Shirt highlights your figure without showing too much of your skin! Made from cotton fabric, wearing this basic staple is truly comfortable.Cotton Spaghetti Inner Shirt


Top off your inner wear with this stylish U.S.A Jacket which comes with a collar for a professional look! Its pocket that comes with a well-designed logo added some strong statement to its monochromatic colors of maroon and black.U.S.A jacket


Whether you’re going for a casual walk or a business meeting, this Rosalie Office Pants are perfect for gals who are always on the go! Comfy and easy to wear, this trousers can be your go-to office bottoms.Rosalie Office Pants


Complete your office gal look with some nude pumps like this Ladies Gamosa Pointed Stilettos that are made from synthetic leather. With its timeless design that can match any outfit, slaying your office girl look throughout the day is now possible! After all, what is a career woman without heels right?Ladies Gamosa Pointed Stilettos


There you have it, ladies! We hope that we have helped you in thinking about your next outfit for the coming days. Try the perks of online shopping now to find the newest in the field of women’s fashion.

Bavin PH: More Than Just A Cell Phone Accessories Brand

Bavin PH: More Than Just A Cell Phone Accessories Brand

What's Hot

Seeing the stalls of Bavin PH along the walkways on malls nationwide would probably make you think that they are another emerging mobile smart phone brand in the country. Though it may be close enough to your guess, this Hong Kong-based brand of cell phone accessories are so much more than what it really is.

It is evident through Bavin products that the infusion of fashion and technology are being made to match the present fast-paced lifestyle of Filipinos. With its eye-catching colors and powerful performance of their own range of affordable power banks, it is not a surprise that Bavin chargers as well as their data cables catch the interest of digital junkies. They may be famous for being one of the leading providers of phone accessories in the Philippines but do you know that they also have leather wallets too?

Here’s a glimpse of their latest products:



Bavin Leather Wallet Pouch


The Bavin Leather Wallet Pouch is perfect for people who are always on-the-go! You can now place all your important belongings such as your cards, cash and even your smart phone in one place! Made from a high-quality leather material, this unisex wallet is elegantly designed for a dapper and chic look.



Bavin Mini WalletIt may be small but do not underestimate this Bavin Mini Wallet that is especially made as a card organizer and a coin purse in one. Did you know that you can also get two pouches in just a price of one? Now that’s what you call a good deal!



You can now grab these cool leather wallets exclusively on this Philippine Online Shop!

Check out the latest products of Bavin through their social media account.

Ditch Your Dresses With This Casual Look under PHP1100

Ditch Your Dresses With This Casual Look under PHP1100

What's Hot

Dresses are just one of the ultimate fashion staple that every girl needs in her closet. It’s very comfortable and easy to wear because these clothes never go out of style. In fact, it’s very versatile since you can pull a formal to casual look. Unfortunately, some dress designs are not commuter-friendly most of the time. Some also gives a professional vibe which makes it a little too intimidating for your laid-back weekend walks.

Take a break from your daily grind at work and enjoy your day offs with this casual look even if you’re on a tight budget!

Jumpsuits are back from the 90’s! Unlike your ordinary denim jumpers, this red V-Neck Jumpsuit (PHP 450) gives you both style and comfort through its cotton fabric. Aside from that, this bold and flexible jumpsuit can be worn from morning office duty up to late night parties.

V-Neck Jumpsuit


Leather bags can be too pricey but would you believe that this Fashionable Women’s Brown Leather Shoulder Bag only costs PHP209? With its stylish design and comfortable shoulder strap, this synthetic leather bag can store your personal belongings in just one place in a trendy way!

Fashionable Women’s Brown Leather Shoulder Bag


Whether you’re going for a sporty or a street-style look, white sneakers are there to help you balance your overall fashion statement! Complete your ultimate off-duty look with this Low-Cut White Sneakers (PHP 399) that is perfect for girls who prefers sneakers over heels! So if you’re always on-the-go but still wants to be a fab then this footwear is for you!Low-Cut White Sneakers


All in all, this laid-back outfit only costs you a total amount of PHP 1058 from head to toe! Isn’t that amazing?


Being a trendsetter doesn’t have to break a bank! Discover more affordable women’s fashion clothes and accessories now on this Online Shop Philippines!

Women’s Watches under PHP 500 for Thrifty Fashionistas

Women’s Watches under PHP 500 for Thrifty Fashionistas

What's Hot

Time is essential in every working millennial. This is the reason why young ladies in the corporate world never fail to own several women’s watches that can level up their style and remind them of their precious time. Unfortunately, choosing the right business watch for women can be quite challenging because as we all know, stainless steel watches are really expensive. Thanks to this online shopping store, finding the best women’s watches with an affordable price is now a reality!

Here’s a list of the top stainless steel watches that you can buy online even you’re one a tight budget:


If you are aiming for a highly sophisticated look then this Tic Time T62 Stainless Steel Women’s Wristwatch should be your ultimate choice! Ornated with crystals bezels and a rose gold finish, this high-grade solid stainless steel watch makes you chicer than ever before.

Tic Time T62 Stainless Steel Wristwatch


The Tic Time T66 Stainless Steel Women’s Wristwatch can be your ultimate adventure and business companion for a sportier and edgier version of you. With its complimentary design of rose gold and silver plus its graceful chronograph sub-dial, observing the hours and minutes as it pass by is now made stylish.

Tic Time T66 Stainless Steel Wristwatch


Add a dash of sparkle to your fast-paced life with the Tic Time T61 Stainless Steel Women’s Wristwatch that can serve as your casual and business watch! Embellished with crystals around its case and on its straps, this watch can be your go-to wristwatch whether you’re going on a business meeting or just having a girl’s night out!

Tic Time T61 Stainless Steel Wristwatch

There you have it, thrifty fashionistas! It’s time for you to switch with these classic fashion staple that every ladies should own.

So what are you waiting for? Grab yours now before it all runs out!

Top 10 Fashion Accessories under PHP 100

Top 10 Fashion Accessories under PHP 100

Accessories, Fashion Trends

Hello there, fashionistas! Are you currently on a tight budget but still faithful in your passion for fashion? Don’t worry, we got you all covered! Did you know that you can score these cute and affordable fashion accessories through this online store ph?

If you know the saying “to see is to believe”, then you should check these fashionable women’s accessories that will level up your fashion sense without breaking a bank!



Who says ribbon bows are just for gifts? This Ribbon Bow with Pearl Necklace (PHP 59.00) looks more expensive than it really is!

Ribbon Bow with Pearl Necklace

Owning a neutral-colored jewelry is a must for every girls who loves to mix and match with their clothes! This Full Crystal Clavicle Necklace (PHP 69.00) will surely unleash your talent as your own fashion stylist.

Full Crystal Clavicle Necklace

Are you a Titanic fanatic? Then this Titanic-inspired necklace can bring you all the feels of Jack and Rose’s memories! The Hollow Blue Gem Necklace (PHP 59.00) may not be the exact “Heart of the Ocean” but it still gives the same vibes with its color.

Hollow Blue Gem Necklace



A trendy piece like the Knot Bangle (PHP 87.80) surely levels up your monochromatic outfit from zero to fabulously hero.

Knot Bangle

Boho chic trend might be over but having a minimalistic bracelet is a good investment for every girl out there. You can start with this simple Geometric Triangle Arrow Bangle! (PHP 89.00)Geometric Triangle Arrow Bangle

Hair Accessories

Wonder Woman might be over but you can steal the look of Diana as an Amazonian goddess with this Vintage Grecian Headband! (PHP 69.00)

Vintage Grecian Headband



These exquisite and lovely Bow Knot Stud Earrings (PHP 69.00) will surely unleash the inner sweetheart that has been hiding within your strong and professional image!Bow Knot Stud Earrings

Feel like a true crowned princess just like the Princess Mako with this Crown with Cross and Pearl Earrings (PHP 69.00)

Crown with Cross and Pearl Earrings



Add something odd yet shiny to your ankle and even to your jewelry box! Why not go for this Beaded Chain Anklet (PHP 89.00)that will add sexiness to your feet!

Beaded Chain Anklet



Turn your ordinary white and black dresses into a real goddess garment just by adding a sparkling embellishment like this Thin Leaf Metal Belt! (PHP 89.00)

Thin Leaf Metal Belt


There’s no reason for you to hold back and hinder yourself from being glamorous! Be a trendsetter now and to score more affordable women’s accessories!

Trend Alert: Fringe Bags and Tassel Wallets

Trend Alert: Fringe Bags and Tassel Wallets

What's Hot

Fringe style is just one of the best trends in the fashion industry this year. From clothes to shoes and even accessories like bags and wallets online, fringe bags are there to make them more chic and stylish! In fact, it adds more sophistication to every girl’s #OOTD look.

Who says tassels are just for graduation caps? Build up that trendsetter style with these cute tassel bags and clutches that will definitely upgrade your fashion statement!


Are you a self-confessed feline lover? Show your admiration for cats with this elegant Cat with Bowknot Long Wallet that will surely make you say “meow”! Place your smart phone, cash, ID’s and other personal belongings all in one place in a chicest way.

Cat with Bowknot Long Wallet

Combine the beauty stripes, chains and fringes with this simple yet striking Striped Chained Handbag that is perfect for your daily use! With its roomy compartment and fashionable design, office girls and school girls will surely love this fringe bag. Go ahead and store your kikay kit and even your heavy books all in just one bag!
Striped Chained Handbag


Be pretty in pink, gray and red with this cute Short Zippered Wallet with Tassel that can safely store your important things anytime and anywhere! It might be small but do not underestimate its power in securing your credit cards and coins. Made from high-quality PU leather, this short but sweet wallet is a match made in heaven for busy girls like you!Short Zippered Wallet with Tassel


If you are casually going out on a weekend, then you might want to try this elegant Tassel Sling Bag that has a nice matte finish! Available in various colors, this sling-bag can be your ultimate go-to casual bag.Tassel Sling Bag


Don’t be the last to try the latest fringe trend in the fashion department! Get the first dibs now at this one of the online shopping sites in country!