Be superhuman with these 5 superhero shirts!

Be superhuman with these 5 superhero shirts!

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Whether it’s from DC or Marvel, boys (and even girls) has an exceptional admiration on superheroes. They all have been a great part of our childhood especially for those who are self-confessed comics and movie geeks. Who wouldn’t be inspired and love these super humans with their cool costumes, awesome powers and clean motives to restore peace and order in humanity? But if you think that superheroes are defined only by wearing capes, then you are totally wrong!

Unleash your superhuman character and show your love to your favorite childhood superheroes with these amazing shirts!


Always remember that with great power comes with a great responsibility with this Spiderman Logo Shirt! Be the New York’s most loved web slinger and show the world what you got just like Spiderman.

Spiderman Logo Shirt


Enjoy the best of both worlds by living as Clark Kent by day and as the Man of Steel at night with this Superman Shirt! Championing the truth and justice fearlessly has never been easy but defending humanity for Superman has always been worth it.

Superman Shirt


Do you have the will to serve your country and do everything you could? Then your spirit animal might be Captain America! Fight for freedom and liberty with this Captain America Shield Shirt and who knows, you might be the first Avenger just like him!

Captain America Shield Shirt


Fighting against crime with the right skills and resources is flawlessly possible.  This is what Bruce Wayne proves as he transformed as Batman. Who says ordinary people like him can’t be legendary? Stand up for justice while being The Dark Knight with this Batman Silver Logo Shirt!

Batman Silver Logo Shirt


Bring yourself to greater heights and transform from a billionaire to a superhero with this Iron Man Shirt! Witness how the genius Tony Stark uses his money and intelligence to make the world a safer and better place just by wearing an advance suit of armor which tagged him as the Iron Man.

Iron Man Shirt


You don’t have to wear a cape to be the greatest and the best! Show your love for your childhood idols now with these comfortable and cool shirts!

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5 Online Shopping Commandments That Every Pinay Should Know

5 Online Shopping Commandments That Every Pinay Should Know


No traffic, no lines and no need to dress up nice- these are the reasons why Filipinas are more engaged on online shopping rather than going to malls. Unfortunately, there are some who are still reluctant to make purchase over the Internet for some reasons. Some are still intimidated in choosing clothes without actually seeing and fitting the item while others are thinking about e-commerce issues such as online skimming.

That’s why we are giving you these numerous tips on how to enjoy your shopping with just one click!




Do all the promos look too good to be true? If yes, then probably it’s a fraud! Always check the contact and about pages of the site to know more about the company’s background in online retail. An online shop which has a secured payment page bears “https://” on its URL.  This means that the site is strongly protected and every customer’s details including his/her credit card number is treated with utmost confidentiality.




Did you know that shopping from Tuesdays onwards will let you have decent discounts? Online stores usually release their freshest new deals and voucher codes during the middle of the week so if you’re planning to buy something online, make sure that you’ll be able to save some bucks!




Girls, it’s time to drop your instincts and bring out your dainty tape measure! It’s always better to refer on measurement charts to know your exact size. This will definitely help you to avoid time-consuming returns and exchanges.




What’s the point of buying online if the shipping fee will cost you more than you have bought? It’s better to add few products to your cart to get free shipping promos nationwide and even worldwide!




Being wise in selecting your payment terms is the key to a successful online shopping. Various online shops offer Cash-On-Delivery, Bank deposit or Offline payment options. It is advisable to choose C-O-D than over-the-counter payment when purchasing products below PHP 10,000.


Take these commandments by heart and ace the art of online shopping!

4 Must-Have Underrated Sandals For Women

4 Must-Have Underrated Sandals For Women

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The sun is up as the summer season comes! Are you ready to stroll along the white beaches that our country has? If yes, then you better prepare some essentials that would help you protect your soles from the heat while making a statement. It’s time for you to ditch your boring flip-flops because these underrated sandals for women would definitely bring you comfort as you strut your way to your summer destination!

Floral SandalsFloral Lady Sandals

Unleash the flower power as you walk with this fashionable flats! It comes with anti-slip sole and garterized straps that are perfect for women who are always on-the-go.


Textured Flat SandalsTextured Flat Sandals

Classic, simple and chic-this textured pair of flat sandals is definitely a must-have for any OOTD! It features a T-bar and ankle straps that would perfectly match your colorful summer dresses and skirts.


Studded Lady SandalsStudded Lady Sandals

Feel the comfort on your feet as you go for late night strolls. Level up and rock your grunge summer attire with this modish pair of studded sandals made from leather!


Japanese Braided WedgeJapanese Braided Wedge

Elevate your style with this Japanese Braided Wedge and shine out among the rest! Lightweight yet sturdy, these heels would definitely complete a sophisticated yet distinct look without giving pain on your happy feet.


Upgrade your shoe collection now and greet Mr. Sun without hurting your feet! Browse for more ladies shoes on this Online Shopping Philippines website, Goods.PH.

These Trendy Summer Jewelries are TDF!

These Trendy Summer Jewelries are TDF!

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Every girl’s summer outfit will never be complete without accessories. These fashion ensembles can make your plain and boring clothes extraordinary.  All you have to do is to learn how to mix and match for you to achieve the ultimate summer #OOTD goals.

That’s why owning some “summerific” jewelries through an online shop is a must to rock that breezy attire!

Score these summer-related accessories that would surely compliment your style this summer season!


Star Fish Gold-plated Necklace

Star Fish Gold-plated Necklace

Gold-plated necklaces are always a classic and a wise choice. Show your love to the beach by matching this cute star fish gold necklace on your summer dresses and plain white tees.


Retro Feather Leather Pendant Necklace

Retro Feather Leather Pendant NecklaceA summer boho outfit will never be complete without any leather accessories. Complete your Coachella-insipred look and add a feather leather necklace to feel the summer vibe.


Crab Platinum-plated Necklace

Crab Platinum-plated NecklaceWho says animal-shaped necklaces are underrated? Level up your mixing and matching skills by wearing a platinum-plated necklace that works best on any bright-colored outfits!


Sea Creatures Charm Bracelet

Sea Creatures Charm BraceletUnleash the inner Ariel in you and with this silver charm bracelet! It comes with 7 sea-creature charms that would totally make you feel that you’re under the sea!


Floral Bangle

Floral BangleExpress yourself and bring back the flower power this summer! Look simple yet stylish with this Rose-gold bangle to achieve a girly look.


Rose Gold Ring Sets

Rose-Gold Ring SetsLaurel leaves aren’t just for your head! Try out these embellished laurel-leaves ring sets for you to be an ultimate summer goddess!


Adjustable Dolphin Ring

Adjustable Dolphin RingCan you imagine a dolphin wrapping around your finger? Make it possible with this adorable dolphin ring.  If you just want to make a summer statement then this ring is a great must-have!


Don’t let these scorching hot summer accessories slip off your fingers! Order yours now on this Online Shop Philippines and browse for more!

4 Ankle Bracelets That Add Glamour to Your Every Day Outfit

4 Ankle Bracelets That Add Glamour to Your Every Day Outfit


Are you familiar to the saying that “Normal is boring”? That is true. Being ordinary and dull is now overrated. A simple shirt and plain jeans can be seen anywhere, nothing special about them. Because of that, we are giving you an online shopping tip on how to add glamour to your every day outfit! What’s that? Well, you better check these 4 ankle bracelets from online store in the Philippines:

  1. Daisy Double Layers Ankle BraceletIf you are a girly type of woman and you’re planning to wear printed top and plain jeans, a daisy double layers ankle bracelet which has 3 flowers and gold color is the perfect one for your outfit as it can bring enough tone to your underpants. You can now mingle with the crowd without thinking about how plain your clothes are.

Leaf Drop Ankle Bracelet

  1. Smart casual and formal clothes are very necessary especially if you’re in the corporate world and reporting to office every day. Changing the clothes in your wardrobe from casual to office wear is also a must. In that matter, not all accessories will suit your office attire but gold or silver jewelries; just like a leaf drop ankle bracelet that can help you win the ‘Best corporate attire of the week’. Double Chains Square Cards Ankle Bracelet
  2. Going rebel for some days feels nice; you just want to wear a muscle tee, ripped jeans and sneakers. Why don’t you visit an online shopping store to look for ragged clothes? Take note, a double chains square cards ankle bracelet would be great for adding spice to your cool outfit. Simple Double Chains Ankle Bracelet
  3. If it happens that you have printed pants, it’s not recommended to wear an ankle bracelet with too much design. You have to remember that you shouldn’t mix printed clothes with another printed accessory. You don’t want to look like a Christmas tree, do you? A simple double chains ankle bracelet is best combined with patterned jeans.
Top 5 Unique and Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Top 5 Unique and Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

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Online Shopping Philippines – Looking for a unique and inexpensive gift for your girlfriend can be quite difficult especially if there are expectations set. It can be daunting because you don’t want her to feel disappointed. However, you can still give her something out of ordinary without spending a ton!

With the wide array of selection to choose from, online store in the Philippines offer shopping convenience at your leisure, especially if you have a tight schedule. You can easily search for the items you want when shopping online.

Whether it’s a romantic piece of jewelry or a small, cute item, she’ll surely love it; after all it’s the thought that counts. That’s why we listed these affordable gifts for your girlfriend.

1. Cute Lovely 3D Pearl Cat Ear Stud Women Earrings 1pcs – Is your girlfriend a cat lover? Then this cat earring is purrfect for her! Cats are easily adored by women as they are cute and fluffy.

Cute Lovely 3D Pearl Cat Ear Stud Women Earrings 1pcs

2. Novelty Multi-color Vintage diamond ring watch – This vintage diamond ring watch will not only give accent to her style but also tell her time! While it may seem like an ordinary ring, but if you flip it, the clock appears. A lovely multipurpose piece to complete her ensemble!

Novelty Multi-color Vintage diamond ring watch

3. Shuta S-1593 Women’s Wedges Sandals (Brown) – If she’s into nature, these sandals are the best pick! This design has been around since before and it’s still in the fashion trend. A sandal that never goes out of style can flaunt various style of fashion.

Shuta S-1593 Women's Wedges Sandals (Brown)

4. Geneva Quartz Analog Sporty Watch Unisex – What’s a better gift if you can give “time” for her right? Literally and figuratively of course!  Let her complete her sporty look with this watch. If she’s not into pretty things, this one is definitely what you should give. Watches are good accessories as it complements any look.

Geneva Quartz Analog Sporty Watch Unisex

5. Gold plated heart turner necklace LKN18KRGPN591 – If you’ve thought of something romantic for her, like a dinner where you cooked for her, it’s that perfect moment where you can wrap this heart turner necklace around her neck!

Gold plated heart turner necklace LKN18KRGPN591

Remember that no matter what kind of gift will come from you, she’ll love it. Make it worthwhile even if it’s inexpensive by shopping online at the best online shopping in the Philippines – Goods PH