Hello there, fashionistas! Are you currently on a tight budget but still faithful in your passion for fashion? Don’t worry, we got you all covered! Did you know that you can score these cute and affordable fashion accessories through this online store ph?

If you know the saying “to see is to believe”, then you should check these fashionable women’s accessories that will level up your fashion sense without breaking a bank!



Who says ribbon bows are just for gifts? This Ribbon Bow with Pearl Necklace (PHP 59.00) looks more expensive than it really is!

Ribbon Bow with Pearl Necklace

Owning a neutral-colored jewelry is a must for every girls who loves to mix and match with their clothes! This Full Crystal Clavicle Necklace (PHP 69.00) will surely unleash your talent as your own fashion stylist.

Full Crystal Clavicle Necklace

Are you a Titanic fanatic? Then this Titanic-inspired necklace can bring you all the feels of Jack and Rose’s memories! The Hollow Blue Gem Necklace (PHP 59.00) may not be the exact “Heart of the Ocean” but it still gives the same vibes with its color.

Hollow Blue Gem Necklace



A trendy piece like the Knot Bangle (PHP 87.80) surely levels up your monochromatic outfit from zero to fabulously hero.

Knot Bangle

Boho chic trend might be over but having a minimalistic bracelet is a good investment for every girl out there. You can start with this simple Geometric Triangle Arrow Bangle! (PHP 89.00)Geometric Triangle Arrow Bangle

Hair Accessories

Wonder Woman might be over but you can steal the look of Diana as an Amazonian goddess with this Vintage Grecian Headband! (PHP 69.00)

Vintage Grecian Headband



These exquisite and lovely Bow Knot Stud Earrings (PHP 69.00) will surely unleash the inner sweetheart that has been hiding within your strong and professional image!Bow Knot Stud Earrings

Feel like a true crowned princess just like the Princess Mako with this Crown with Cross and Pearl Earrings (PHP 69.00)

Crown with Cross and Pearl Earrings



Add something odd yet shiny to your ankle and even to your jewelry box! Why not go for this Beaded Chain Anklet (PHP 89.00)that will add sexiness to your feet!

Beaded Chain Anklet



Turn your ordinary white and black dresses into a real goddess garment just by adding a sparkling embellishment like this Thin Leaf Metal Belt! (PHP 89.00)

Thin Leaf Metal Belt


There’s no reason for you to hold back and hinder yourself from being glamorous! Be a trendsetter now and to score more affordable women’s accessories!

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